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Evzones on Good Friday

Evzones on Good Friday

Of all the incredible moments I’ve had the honor of photographing for the Proedriki Froura (Evzones), last night’s Epitaphio procession led Pater Stylianos Markantonis with his parish of the Holy Church of the Great Archangels (Taxiarchis) was one of the most moving experiences. Bearing witness to the Evzones together with the Col. Commander Ilias Karmiris, Military Office Director Efthymios Mikros, Vice Admiral, and Theodoros Skylakakis, Minister of Environment and Energy, Greece carrying the Epitaphio through the streets surrounding the Presidential Mansion and Headquarters of the Proedriki Froura stoping at the Fire Department and Evzone Headquarters for blessings will forever be one of my most treasured memories. You will see a lone Evzone standing guard outside the base with his head down. This scene occurs only on Good Friday when the Epitaphio passes…the Evzone on duty will bow his head in reverence to the Lord.

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